Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has a clarification to make.

Warren told CBS News on Tuesday evening that she will not attend big money fundraising events or accept money from mega-donors if she wins the Democratic primary. “Look, for me this is pretty straightforward,” Warren said. “Either you think democracy works and electing a president is all about going behind closed doors with bazillionaires and corporate executives and lobbyists and scooping up as much money as possible. Or you think it’s about a grassroots, let’s build this from the ground up.”

The New York Times notes that Warren’s previous pledge to eschew major donations seemingly only applied to the primary, though her campaign said in a statement that her more recent comments weren’t actually a reversal, but a clarification, and that the initial promise was “a little vague.” The campaign also said Warren would ensure state and national parties “have the resources they need” if she’s nominated.

Small donations have worked out for Warren so far (though she has also relied on a transfer of funds from a previous Senate campaign). The senator raised $24.6 million in the last three months from more than 940,000 donors — Only Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) reeled in more. Read more at The New York Times.