The Fiver – Five of the Highest Bars in London

Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street

One of the best things to have with a good drink is a view.  Lots of places out there have rooftop bars or observation towers where one can get a cocktail, a pint, or a glass of wine and gaze out over the horizon.  London certainly has its share of high-altitude drinking establishments that rank amongst the highest in the UK and in Europe.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, each of the five places below can guarantee that you’ll have the best view of any bar patron in London.  Let us know your own favorite high-altitude bars in the comments.


Formerly known as The Rumpus Room, 12th Knot is perhaps the highest rooftop bar in London, sitting on the 12th floor of the Sea Containers building in South Bank.  As such, it puts patrons just about level with most London buildings and landmarks, providing excellent views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, and the Leadenhall Building.  12th Knot has a smart casual dress code, so be sure to dress appropriately, and you can go without a reservation, but it won’t guarantee entry.


About one-third up the Shard’s 95 floors, Aqua on the 31st floor is a smaller bar and restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city along with cocktails, beer, and wine.  Food is served in the main part of the restaurant, although the atrium bar is the place to go, especially since no reservations are taken to sit there.  You can still order some of the modern British cuisine here, though, but it makes for a  better spot to have a drink.  The dress code is stated to be smart casual, same as 12thKnot, so trainers (that’s tennis shoes for us Americans) are not allowed.


Found at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street, above the 35 floors used for offices and such, is Sky Pod.  While technically a rooftop bar, the Sky Garden on top of the tower isn’t exactly open to the air, so you won’t feel the wind on your face like you might at 12th Knot.  However, the view more than makes up for it, and the drinks are some of the tastiest at any altitude.  The dress code isn’t as fancy, but as Sky Garden is naturally ventilated, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing appropriately warm clothing.


The second-highest bar on the list, Duck & Waffle can be found on the 40th floor of the 46-story Heron Tower.  Besides the grand view of London from such a height, perhaps the most notable part of Duck & Waffle is that it is the only one of these listed establishments that’s open twenty-four-hours-per-day.  The cocktails are a bit pricier than most places, but the bar serves sharable snacks that are quite affordable.  D&W is quite possibly the most affordable and best dining option you’ll find so far up in the London sky, so be sure to make your reservation.



And now we reach the highest point of this list of altitude-defying bars.  Of the 47 floors in Tower 42, 42 of them are open to the public and Vertigo 42 right at the top.  The champagne bar at Vertigo 42 is the highest of its kind in the city, and it is open not only to the tower’s residents but also the public, considering you make a reservation beforehand.  Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s, and the length of the River Thames are visible from high atop this drinking perch.  Of course, smart dress is required for such a fancy establishment.

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Big Ben Has Been Repainted Blue

Big Ben becomes Blue Ben. Photo: UK Parliament

Sacre bleu!

Big Ben*, the icon of London, has turned blue. Except it hasn’t ‘turned’ blue exactly — it’s simply reverted to its original colour. The clock face was blue when built in 1859, but over time it turned black due to a London that was even more polluted than our city is today. When it got its last fresh coat of paint in the 1980s, they just stuck with simple black.

Big Ben is currently undergoing a four-year refurbishment and until today, three of the four clock faces had been covered by scaffolding. One side was peeled back this morning — presumably to then cover the face that had been on display up to this point — to reveal this fresh paintjob.

We can’t help wonder about the timing. Big Ben turns blue as we’re in the midst of this Brexit debacle? Could it possibly tie into plans for us to get blue passports once we’re out of the EU? Scratch that, apparently this hue is dubbed ‘Prussian blue’, so perhaps it’s a statement of our everlasting ties to Europe. Delete whichever of those two scenarios makes you madder.

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Polar Bear Cub Nibbles Toward New Milestone


The Polar Bear cub, at Tierpark Berlin, is reaching toward another important milestone!

The female was born December 1, 2018 to parents, Tonja (age 9) and Volodya (age 7), and ZooBorns shared recent news of the cub’s first checkup in our feature: “Polar Bear Cub Brings ‘Girl Power’ to Tierpark Berlin”.

“The little Polar Bear is now interested in solid food and slowly nibbles meat pieces,” said Curator, Dr. Florian Sick. The new mom currently gets a daily portion of meat and a mix of carrots, lettuce and apples. Her new cub cannot miss the opportunity and occasionally manages to sample her mother’s meal. However, mother still regularly nurses the little bear.



4_TonjaPhoto Credits: Tierpark Berlin

Zoo Director, Dr. Andreas Knieriem, is pleased with the good development of the cub. “We are very satisfied that the cub is quite cheeky and keeps her mother literally on the run around. Tonja always remains calm. She’s just a really good Mama Bear.”

By mid-March, the two will first go on a discovery tour of the grounds and will then be on exhibit for visitors to see.

Little Boy Gets The Flu And Doesn’t Want Anyone To Comfort Him — Except Rescue Dog

Riddick was rescued in 2015 by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC after being thrown out of a moving car. After he was given some time to heal, he was put up for adoption, and it wasn’t long before Bryan Junior and his wife came across his picture on Facebook and fell in love. They adopted him in August of that year, and he immediately became an incredibly important member of their little family.

Credit: Bryan Junior

About a year after Riddick was adopted, his parents had a baby boy, and from the moment Dawson arrived home, Riddick and the family’s other pit bull, Cambria, were absolutely obsessed with him.

“We would call them the paw patrol,” Junior told The Dodo. “If the baby cried, the two of them would come running inside to check on him. Every time he woke up from a nap we would say, ‘Baby Dawson is awake,’ and they would run in. They sit with us every night to this day when we read him a bedtime story, Cambria usually on my lap and Riddick on the floor. Dawson kisses them both good night and we put him to bed.”

Credit: Bryan Junior

Dawson is just as obsessed with his pit bull siblings, and loves to climb all over them, cuddle with them and help to feed them every chance he gets.

Credit: Bryan Junior

Recently, Dawson came down with the flu; it was the first time he had ever been really sick. He was running a fever and generally felt miserable, and wanted absolutely nothing to do with anyone or anything — except for Riddick.

“He crawled up onto the ottoman with Riddick and was just holding him,” Junior said. “You could tell Riddick knew he wasn’t feeling well and laid with him. He [Dawson] tossed and turned a bit and about 30 minutes later passed out cold for over an hour. Riddick never moved.”

Credit: Bryan Junior

Riddick was the only one Dawson wanted to comfort him while he was grumpy and flu-ridden, and, of course, Riddick was happy to oblige. No matter what Dawson needs, Riddick is always there, and their parents love watching how sweet and protective Riddick is with his little brother.

“Riddick is the most well-tempered, chill dog you could ask for,” Junior said. “He’s just gentle, loving and tolerant of anything. Everyone loves Riddick. He’s just the pup you always wish for.”

Credit: Bryan Junior

A few days later, Dawson was feeling so much better and completely back to normal, running around outside and inside with his two favorite dogs. Even when he’s healthy and happy, though, Riddick will always be there for him, watching over him and loving him as only a dog brother can.

How to Deal with Personal Injuries while on a Vacation


Vacations are a great time that you get to spend with your family and closest loved one. They are something that you plan for at the beginning of the year. And most likely don’t get to partake in until the end of the year. With the downturn of the economy, most families don’t even get a vacation.

It is why if you are fortunate enough to get a holiday, you need to make sure that you do everything to make it as enjoyable as possible during your vacation. Unfortunately, there are always unforeseen things that can happen on vacation and injuries are one of them. It is accurate if you are going rock climbing or taking a trek through the outback. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to let the fear of an injury ruin your leisure time. You need to know what to do if injured during your vacation.


It doesn’t matter if you are on a cruise, at a hotel, or sightseeing is a foreign city there is a peace of mind about knowing how to react when an injury occurs. If you or a travel companion are injured the very first thing that you need to do is get the injury on record. You need to notify someone and report what recently happened. If you are in a store, hotel, restaurant, or museum, you need to contact the manager and get the incident on record. Be sure to get the manager’s name and contact information as well. If you are in a vehicular accident, you will need to contact the authorities and get the incident on record. If the injury happens on the street or during a sightseeing trip, you might want to document the occurrence with a smartphone or camera.


After you have got the incident on record, you will need to document the area and the manner of the accident. , this will be easier since you are already equipped and prepared to take many pictures. If you can, take photos of the scene, the injuries sustained, and any other contributing factors that might have caused the harm. If the damage takes place in a store, restaurant, hotel, or anywhere inside this will be a crucial step. Because cleanup begins after an accident and this can destroy essential evidence.


medical care during vacation

Whether your injuries are minor or significant, you are going to want to seek medical care. Never assume that because you don’t feel injured that you aren’t hurt. A small slip and fall that seems harmless at the time could later lead to long-term hip or back problems in the future.

When you visit the physician make sure that you recount the accident as best as possible. Explain how you were injured so that the medical provider can record his or her findings and situational information.

It will come in handy when your injury lawyer is filing a claim. But it will also give the medical professional a good origin on where he or she can start looking for problems. Keep in mind that as soon as you experience any new symptoms or changes in the injury. You will want to revisit the physician if you are still at the destination of your vacation.


personal injuries during vacation law

Personal injury claims can be involved. It is especially true for those travelers that are in foreign lands. The laws might not be what they are in your home state and navigating the waters can be murky at best. A local attorney will not only be well versed in the local laws. But he or she will have the knowledge and experience to help you build your case. Sometimes after an injury especially a major one it can be hard to process information and think things through. It is where an attorney will prove invaluable. They will be able to handle all the compilation or documents and file all the necessary claims.


Also, remember that during any court case that goes to litigation or has the potential for litigation will comes down to facts. It is why you will want to document everything that happens during your vacation. If you are in a vehicular accident. You will want to collect information about the other drivers involved. As well as the responding officer. If injured in a place or business. You will want to gather witness statements as well as the contact of the individual that you reported the incident.


It will also be imperative to get in touch with your insurance provider if you have travel insurance. It will also help get the incident on record and get the ball rolling with any medical expense that might follow. There aren’t a lot of travelers that invest in this type of insurance, but it can prove invaluable when it needed. Report the incident and injury with the provider. But you want to be careful about discussing the fault of the event until the investigation wrapped up.

The Citizenry: Celebrating The People Behind the Products

It is so important to us at Darling to not only support female-owned businesses, but also Fair Trade companies that celebrate the people behind the products. We had the pleasure of interviewing Carly and Rachel, founders of The Citizenry, a beautiful interiors brand. The name of the company itself actually means “the citizens of a place regarded collectively,” which is exactly what they do—bringing together countries and cultures by uniting artisans and designers globally to create incredible, high-quality goods. Read below and learn more about supply chains, being an entrepreneur and pursuing excellence in all you do!


Carly: For someone who has traveled to many corners of the world, I am deathly afraid of heights. And I get motion sick. Ironically, on our very first trip to Peru we traveled to a village on top of one of Peru’s tallest mountains. This meant 12 hours in a bus, driving in circles, up the edge of a mountain on a two-lane highway with no guardrails. The beginning of The Citizenry literally started with one of the scariest days of my life.

Rachel: Mine is that I never unpack my makeup, toiletries, hair products and electric chargers from my suitcase – they are a streamlined, duplicated set of what I use every day. As a constant traveller, I’ve learned that the secret to easy travel is a carry-on (no lost bags and no wait time!) always ready with my travel essentials. 


Carly: Rachel and I were both at the stage of life where we were finally starting to invest in the design of our homes, and we both just found ourselves so uninspired by all the mass-produced, dime-a-dozen things out there. 

When we thought about the objects we truly loved in our homes, they were the things we had picked up on our travels. Those pieces had a soul and a story—we had met the markers, learned about the materials, and connected with the piece on a deeper level. We thought, “What if we could create a digital destination that gave people that ‘next best’ experience to traveling the world, meeting these makers, and finding objects that are made in environments people could feel good about?” That was the creative spark that started it all. The rest is history.


Rachel: We researched like crazy. We ran surveys, built financial models, did informal focus groups, and even spent time on the ground in South America talking directly with different artisan cooperatives. By the time we quit our jobs and stepped out on the dream, we had a year’s worth of research. We were convinced that The Citizenry needed to exist to level the playing field and create better opportunities for artisans all over the world… 

Carly: If we did it all again, I think we would start the same way—measured, thoughtful, and armed with as much research as possible.

It was the two of us in the office above my garage. We were coming off back-to-back all-nighters and were too tired to really think through what might be in store for us in the years ahead, and just how important that mission would turn out to be. Since that day, I can truly say The Citizenry has been the hardest work AND greatest adventure of our lives. Still, I don’t think we’d change the journey. It’s made us into who we are today. For better or worse, we are so much tougher and more relentless than when we started years ago.


Carly: There are a lot of principles that guide our business, but a few of the most important…

We don’t prioritize numbers over people. We have a no “burros” policy and take steps to make sure humanity runs through the veins of our organization. We go above and beyond to make sure we are always paying fairly and showing mutual respect to our partners. This principle is also why we use the word “partners” to describe artisans. Never suppliers. Never vendors. Only partners—always. Another big one is that we believe our reputation is built one customer at a time. Every interaction matters. Every package matters. Every detail really does matter. We are not the biggest brand, but we strive to be the most thoughtful brand out there. 

Rachel: Transparency is another principle…We are as transparent with our employees and our customers as much as possible, always noting where a product is from, who made it, and how long it took to create.


Both: Global supply chains sound boring, but they have more impact on the environment and human rights than anything else happening in the world today. We built The Citizenry to set the standard for social responsibility by  creating a people-first supply chain, building long-term, transformative relationships around the world.

We’ve learned a few things along the way. 

It baffled us to find out that a company only has to pay 10% above minimum wage to meet Fair Trade Standards. Our business pushes further than that. Many times our partners receive 2-3x what minimum wage is in the region, and again—it’s life changing. Also, making clothes and home goods require lots of human labor. Cheap prices (like $8 for a button down shirt or $30 for an embroidered pillow) are more likely to be the result of horrible working conditions for humans than the result of machines. Less than one percent of textiles are made in Fair Trade conditions, which means almost all are made in harsh, unsafe environments. 

Second, take a moment to think about the hours it would take you personally to gather materials, weave, cut, sew, and finish that item by hand and then check your hours estimate against the price. If the result is pennies per hour, pause, and consider your other options. 

Personally, Carly and I try to be thoughtful about spending money on things we’ll keep for years, rather than weeks. If I can’t afford a quality item made in fair trade conditions, I’ll save my money for months until I can. By choosing quality over quantity in the short term, I’ve found that the quantity takes care of itself in the long run. 


Carly: The more places we travel and more partners I work with, I am reminded that we are all more similar than we are different. In today’s age of such cultural divide, this is one of the biggest lessons I want to pass on. We all adorn our bodies in fabric. We all listen to music. We all love to laugh and strive to provide for our families. Most of all, we all want to use our talents to make something meaningful. My talent is in design and brand strategy. Our partners’ is in their craft. We are both using our skills to work together—across countries and cultures—to make something exponentially more beautiful and meaningful than we ever could on our own.


Rachel: We have to be exceptional, over and over again. It can be exhausting and continues to be one of our biggest challenges. We have to keep designing incredible products, pricing them perfectly, marketing them beautifully, and working with partners to get everything here safely and on time. To scale, we have to do this over and over again.  It takes smarts, talent, and sheer grit to make this happen. It’s not a business that just runs itself.


Carly: Solve something meaningful. Starting a company isn’t easy, so it’s important to work on something that means a lot to you and you can clearly see the broader impact in the world. You will want to quit many times. If you have a clear picture of what you’re building and why it needs to exist to make the world a better place for your customers, partners, or employees—that will keep you going. Oh, and get a co-founder. I couldn’t do this without Rachel [smile].


Rachel: Be prepared to be held to a much higher standard than men—you’ll have to get 2-3x more traction to get the same level of credibility. 

Carly: On that note, keep making BIG plans and nail the narrative around them. As women, it can be easy to underestimate our own potential. A mentor once told me, your plans should exceed your current capacity and always feel scary. Then, the dream is big enough. Once you have those plans down, nail the narrative around the customer, the market, and goals and tell anyone and everyone who will listen. 


Rachel: Goodness…there’s a few that I absolutely wouldn’t live without! They are instant updates that transform a room from basic to sophisticated. 

Our lumbar pillows woven in Mexico. These are perfect for a couch or bed, no other pillows needed! No matter which style you choose, what always stands out to me are the rich colors that only natural, small batch dyes can give. 

Our linen bedding from Portugal. I promise that there is not a softer, more luxurious linen sheet option available than ours. Snuggling into them at night is the best feeling! 

Our Beni Ourain rugs from Morocco—these are true works of art. It takes six women working together a full month to hand knot these beauties. Most Beni rugs available in the US are vintage, contaminated with formaldehyde dyes, and made with very poor quality wool that sheds. 

Photos provided by The Citizenry.

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Gemma Atkinson shows off incredible body transformation with cute baby bump snap: ‘I feel like superwoman’

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (9878604er) Gemma Atkinson The TV Choice Awards, Dorchester Hotel, London, UK – 10 Sep 2018

Gemma Atkinson has branded her body transformation “incredible” as she shared a new image of her burgeoning baby bump.

The 34-year-old admitted she is “astounded” by what her body is capable of, as she prepares to welcome her first child with Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez later this year.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison shot of her body in its peak physical condition and now that she is pregnant, Gemma lauded her changing shape.

The first image shows off Gemma’s incredibly sculpted six-pack, while the second image is a more recent one of her gazing admiringly at her baby bump.

Captioning the snap on Instagram, the former Hollyoaks actress said, “Our bodies are incredible! What they are capable of doing astounds me, and in both these pictures I felt / feel like superwoman.

“I have a life inside of me ticking away ready to join us soon. The little kicks & turns & flutters are just wonderful. I feel so incredibly lucky 👪❤

Fans rushed to compliment heron her ever-changing body, with many hailing her an “inspiration”.

One said, “Such an amazing thing to be able to do as a women. You look insane,” while another praised, “You are a true inspiration Missy!! You and your lovely Beau are a joy to see together and I wish you, Gorka and wee Toots lots and lots of happy times xxx”

A third added, “You look incredible @glouiseatkinson I wish I had respected and admired the changes in my body rather than hate them. You are a fab role-model xx”

And a fourth said, “You look stunning, you’re going to be an amazing yummy mummy ❤❤STR

Even though Gemma loves her changing body, the fitness fan is still making sure she stays in the best possible shape.

Since announcing her pregnancy, Gemma has been sharing her adjusted workouts, admitting her slower-paced regimes have taken some getting used to.

Captioning a recent video of her workout, where her bump was on full display, she wrote, “It doesn’t look like a lot and being honest, for the usual me it would have just been my warm up. For pregnant me though, it was fine.”

Taken from our sister site, CelebsNow.

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