New collections luxury classic furnishing Vimercati  

The new collections of luxury classic furnishing signed by Vimercati are by now from some weeks exhibited in the renovated showroom in Meda, having a great success with the public, so much that we decided to give all our customers and fans the chance to taste them in advance thanks to a movie that shows the particularities. Sure, as every respectable luxury furniture nothing can match the sensation to see and touch these classic collections personally, to appreciate the softness and sheen of the fabrics, follow with the eyes the intricate labyrinths of the carvings, admire the craftsmanship of the design of inlays or still being captured by the brilliance of gold and silver. Because all this is what makes unique these new collections of luxury classic furnishing, that at the philological respect of the classic styles of furnishing, own of the artisanal production of Vimercati, combines on this occasion surprising chromatic combinations and a decisive change to the whiteness of white on one side or, on the other, towards the brightly shades, intense, able to illuminate the locations. Could not miss among these suggested new collections of luxury classic furnishing that would comp