6 Finishing Touches That Make Any Outfit Look 10 Times More Put-Together

The one question we get asked the most at Who What Wear UK is how to put together outfits that look expensive. Often, it’s the little details that make you appear polished, or conversely, leave you feeling scruffier than you’d hoped. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley knows better than anyone how to do “platinum card” dressing, and she almost always wears a pair of gold earrings as her finishing touch of choice—whether she’s on the beach or at a Hollywood event.

Shoes are one thing that can make the biggest difference on the scruffy scale, and a pair of polished loafers go with any outfit and always look expensive. Other accessories that can really help to luxe up an outfit include a classic leather belt, simple sunglasses and pretty much anything in tortoiseshell print.

It’s worth paying attention to the finishing touches that can make you look expensive, and there are quite a few.

A pair of gold hoops or statement earrings like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s make any outfit look more put-together—whether yours are from Celine or Mango.
A pair of unpolished boots or scuffed trainers can make a real difference to an outfit. A pair of (polished) leather loafers look smart, but when worn in, they can be just as comfy as any pair of pumps. 
Tortoiseshell accessories—whether glasses, hair clips, earrings or handbags—add an air of sophistication to an outfit. 
It’s hardly the most exciting accessory out there, we know, but a belt will help your clothes look more tailored and blend separate pieces together. 
For a put-together, polished look, avoid garish or trend sunglasses and go for something classic. You can’t beat a pair of tortoiseshell wayfarers by Ray-Ban.
You don’t need to spend a fortune on these finishing touches. A black ribbon looped around a ponytail looks amazing with a tailored blazer.