Be Treated Like Royalty At Ted’s Grooming Rooms

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Ted’s Grooming Room.

St James’s is home to London’s royalty. No, I’m not talking about Buckingham Palace, although there is that too. Welcome to the latest Ted’s Grooming Room, where every single customer is treated like a king. I went down there to try out The Full Ted Service: a haircut, clean shave or beard design rounded off with traditional ear flaming.

I arrive and take a seat on a comfy sofa as, even though this location has only just opened, the barbers are all busy crafting styles onto punters. I take a sparkling water — a brand from Istanbul. Looking up at the walls, there’s plenty of royal memorabilia to reference the nearby Palace-residing neighbours.

After only a few minutes, it’s my turn. First comes the haircut. The attention to detail is mind-blowing. This isn’t your average short-back-and-sides-please-mate-cheers you get at your standard high street barber. This is a classy cut, where the barber asks you what you’d like, then follows your direction to a tee.

Preceded by a quick wash, there’s an early pause in the trim, a chance for me to sup on a delicious Turkish coffee. Then it’s back to sorting out my somewhat mop-like hair into something respectable but trendy. After some incredible attention to detail, it’s over, and my, what a beaut it is. People spend the next two days complimenting me, on how good my hair looks. That has never happened. Ever.

Following the cut comes a shave. Hot towel after hot towel is elegantly draped over my face. Then a delicate and sensitive brush to apply shaving cream to my face. Finally, the cut-throat shave. All this, with the hot towel still over my eyes. I can’t see what’s going on, but I have complete confidence in the barber after the job he did on my hair.

Not since before puberty has my face been so smooth.

Next, out of the blue, an arm massage. Instantly it relieves all the tension that comes from living in a manic city like London. Finally, I have my ears singed. This is an entirely new experience for me, having a flame whacked near a vital appendage isn’t part of my standard Thursday morning schedule. However, this is completely safe, your ear just gets a bit warm. And then they’re smooth as a baby’s bottom.

For those more adventurous than myself there’s eyebrow trimming too. I watched my next chair neighbour have it done, and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. The height of luxury. We wouldn’t be too shocked to see Philip here sometime soon. He can’t be getting anything this opulent at Buckingham Palace.

The new Ted’s Grooming Room is on 3 Butler Place, St James’s Park, SW1H 0QD. The Full Ted Servicecosts £54 for walk-in or £62 for appointments.


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