A Zero Emissions Holiday in Sweden

Neste, who make renewable diesels and jet fuels from waste residues, is one of the world’s most sustainable companies. Inspired by Sweden’s comittment to drop all fossil fuels by 2045, they’ve decided to set up a little experiment which we absolutely love – the Zero Vacation.

The Zero Vacation is a part of Neste’s Zero Island project that looks for different ways to reach zero emissions in Sweden. The vacations take place on the beautiful island of Lidö, where people can enjoy their vacations swimming, staying in the zero cabin Nolla and feasting on dishes from the specially designed, sustainable Zero Menu.

neste xero vacation

From accommodation to food, every aspect of the Zero Vacations is designed to produce as few emissions as possible. Guests will stay in the acclaimed Zero Cabin, Nolla, which is built from sustainable materials and comes with minimal environmental impact both in terms of emissions and the concrete impact on nature.

Of course if you’re coming from London, the flight to Sweden is going to come at an environmental cost but STILL.


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