Even More Things That You Want To Ban From London

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What would you ban from London if you were omnipotent?

That’s the question we put to Londoners. And boy, did you have answers. So many in fact, that even after we compiled the best into an article, the responses kept flooding in. A torrent of prohibition plans. We just had to put together another article, with all the other things you power-hungry folks want to ban from London.

Laura kicks things off with a complaint we’ve aired before:

People who exit something and then stop still… escalators, shop doorways etc… there are people behind you!!!!

Yeah that’s right. Keep moving. Photo: Shutterstock

Dave has slightly grander targets in his sights:

People who buy buildings then leave them empty.

Matthew is similarly downcast about the housing crisis:

About half the population. Might be able to get a house then.

Whereas Ryan thinks the issue lies with the current laws surrounding the rental market:

The lack of regulations of rental rates

Centre Point, where supposedly half the luxury flats are empty.

Alex goes after one of Londoners most divisive topics, cycling:

Cyclists without common sense or courtesy.

And Ruth goes after a different form of cycling:

The awful rickshaws in the West End.

Before Katharine starts us down the familiar path of tube etiquette:

People wearing backpacks on the tube, shoving it in people’s faces and taking up unnecessary space. They are always totally oblivious and it takes everything in me not to use one as a punch bag 😬😹

Rucksacks on the tube came in for a lot of stick. Photo: Shutterstock

Another piece of public transport advice, it’s not a restaurant:

People who eat hot food on public transport

Jonathan can’t deal with British Transport Police’s slogan:

‘See it, say it, sorted.’ Sets my teeth on edge every single time

James has a different gripe with his fellow commuters:

Door huggers on the tube

This picture is so incredible we find it hard to imagine it isn’t staged. Photo: Laura Fitzpatrick

Ian’s potentially got a point with this one, roughly 254 people do the tube’s most pointless journey every day:

People going one stop on the tube in zone one.

Jamie’s quite greedy, he has three major gripes, the last of which we feel is a tad unfair:

Slow walkers, people standing on the left of the escalator and “can you move down inside the carriage!!”… Sure Sharon we’re already packed in here like sardines… let me just press my face into this guys armpit a bit more!!

Ann keeps it transport themed, but shifts away from tubes and onto buses:

On buses, young people who stand at the doors, when there are seats available. They hinder disembarking the bus for others. Is it not cool to sit down?

Look, the young people in this stock photo know what to do with bus seats. SIT ON THEM. Photo: Shutterstock

Let’s stick to the roads for a bit, with this complaint from John:

ALL vehicles running on diesel, including taxis, buses and HGVs

Yes, people are mad about air quality, as Daniella would like to ban:

Pollution. And not just from London.

Charlotte’s choice of what to outlaw, reminds us that it’s not just vehicles that effect air quality (but also they do):

People smoking in public areas, especially just outside of tube stations or popular buildings so you breathe in a lung full of smoke going in or out. Also at busy crossings. Cars and lorries parking with their engines running. Similar reasons.

People are waking up to the dangers of climate change. Photo: Shutterstock

Neal has a serious complaint, asking people to be more aware of their surroundings:

As a disabled person in a mobility scooter, pedestrians texting as they weave across the pavement, earphone/earbud users, especially as above, mobile phone users who stop dead on the pavement. I do not have BRAKES, only inertia. Even if I shout you will not hear me and I cannot go AROUND you because I cannot see what is the other side of you or go down the kerb!!!

Andrea points out that you don’t have to be disabled to be angered by those with selective technology-induced unawareness:

People who take photos with their iPads, people who Skype loudly on their phone, people who walk with their heads in their phone and cross the road, people that have no respect for others with prams and run into them.

Robert has a different type transport complaint (last one we promise):

Grown adults on scooters, roller blades or any other type of child’s transport equipment. ALSO anyone who cannot complete a full day without using the phrase ‘oh my god’ in relation to an evidently trivial thing.

Should scooters be reserved for children? Photo: Shutterstock

And now for something completely different from Mike:

Ugg boots. Coats that are just sleeping bags with sleeves. Coats with hoods which have tatty fake fur edging. Bad winter gear, basically.

Finally let’s round this off with a self-aware choice from Alvin:

Intolerance and moaning about other people… Wait, why am I here?