The London Fiver – Five Things to Do in London Before Christmas

Christmas is a magical season in cities all over the world and London is no different.  From the lights to the festivities, Christmas is all around Greater London and provides locals and tourists with plenty of ways to get into… Continue Reading →

Exhibition Report: George IV – Art and Spectacle at The Queen’s Gallery

A new exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, looks at a king who collected and commissioned many of the finest works of art in the Royal Collection. George IV: Art and Spectacle makes it clear he was a patron of… Continue Reading →

Hidden London Announces New Tour: London Moorgate Disused Station Tour

The Hidden London tours run by the London Transport Museum are some of my favorite special tours to go on in London. We’ve been on several over the years, as has our London correspondent Laura Porter. Tickets will go on… Continue Reading →

London Tube: The Ten Busiest London Underground Stations and their Histories

Transport for London estimates that 1.37 billion people ride the Tube every year moving through the network’s 249 miles of track and 270 stations.  And while thousands of people pass through every day going to work, home, out, or just… Continue Reading →

London History: The Foundation of the Women’s Police Service in London

From its initial foundation in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel, the Metropolitan Police Service shared the prevailing attitude of the day that most jobs were not fit for women.  The Met remained all-male until, like many organizations and industries across… Continue Reading →

The London Fiver – Five of the Best Places for Christmas Shopping On Your Holiday Visits to London

The mad shopping season of Christmas is upon us.  As we venture out of our homes, we brave crowded streets and shopping centers in search of those items that will tell our friends and family how much we love them. … Continue Reading →

London Alert: The National Portrait Gallery to Close for Three Years for Major Refurbishment

What the new entrance will look like The National Portrait Gallery is often lost in the museum shuffle in London, mostly because it’s located behind the National Gallery, so it’s often an afterthought for tourists. And frankly, if you’re walking… Continue Reading →

Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to See and Do in Merton, London

The Borough of Merton is a more recent creation, born out of the historic parishes of Wimbledon, Merdon, Mitcham, and Merton by the London Government Act of 1963.  For centuries, each parish had been part of Surrey, and like much… Continue Reading →

The History of Jim Henson and the Muppets in London

Jim Henson and the Muppets have long had a history with London.  Well before they crossed the Atlantic Ocean, however, the Muppets were a creation of Jim Henson originating in 1955 with Kermit the Frog.  For much of the 50s… Continue Reading →

The London Fiver – Five Things to Do in November

Things certainly start getting colder in London during November, but the city is still smoking hot with events all month long.  From Diwali on the Square to the Lord Mayor’s Show, there are plenty of major things happening, but that’s… Continue Reading →

Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to Do in Barking & Dagenham

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, like other modern London boroughs, was born out of the London Government Act of 1963.  It was formed from the Municipal Boroughs of Barking and a large part of the Municipal Borough of… Continue Reading →

The Thames Barrier – A Brief History – Protecting London From the Sea

Source: Pixabay Like giant conk shells rising out of the water, the Thames Barrier sits just east of Canary Wharf and provides an important service for the city.  The barrier was designed and built to keep parts of Greater London… Continue Reading →

The Brit Film Fiver – Five Scary London Horror Films To Watch This October

Awooooooooo!  Werewolves of London!  Of course, the werewolves aren’t the only monsters haunting the city’s streets in horror films.  London has seen itself preyed upon by all manner of creatures in cinema including werewolves, mummies, aliens, murderous fiends, and the… Continue Reading →

The London Fiver – Five of the Most Unusual London Restaurants

Food’s great, but sometimes you need a little ambience.  In a city such as London, the atmosphere in a restaurant can range from the traditional to the eclectic and plenty of restaurants offer their own unique experience along with a… Continue Reading →

Exhibition Report: The New Hidden London Exhibition at the London Transport Museum

I’m fortunate to have been on all of the London Transport Museum ‘Hidden London’ tours of disused stations and tunnels but not everyone has had that opportunity. The tours are only available on certain dates (not all year round), and… Continue Reading →

London Alert: Order Your London Tube Lights For Christmas – Limited Stock Coming!

We’ve gotten word from our supplier that we’ll be able to make one more order between now and Christmas. We’ll be getting 100 mini-Tube lights and 25 large Tube Lights in early December. We’re opening orders NOW. If you want to give… Continue Reading →

The Hexing of London – The City’s History of Witches

Around Halloween time, it’s likely to see many witches running around the streets of London, usually just in fancy dress.  However, this modern-day bit of fun belies the city’s grim history persecuting women for witchcraft and publicly executing them on… Continue Reading →

The Fiver – Five Things to Do in London in October

The spookiest month of the year is upon us and that brings with it a number of Halloween and fall-related events to Greater London.  However, if you don’t feel up for the festivities, you can get into costume for other… Continue Reading →

Top Ten London: Top 10 London Street Markets

Perhaps one of the greatest things about a city like London is the number of street markets all over the city.  Each borough seems to have its own commercial thoroughfare that’s filled with produce, street food, vintage clothes, antiques, and… Continue Reading →

Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to See and Do in Enfield

Enfield is one of London’s boroughs that was named in the Domesday Book, where it was listed as Enefelde in 1086.  Since that time, it was home to a palace lived in by King Edward VI and his sister, then… Continue Reading →

Exploring London Mercantile History at the Lloyd’s Register Building

While you may have seen the Lloyd’s of London building in the City of London designed by Richard Rogers, do you know about the Collcutt building? As part of Heritage Open Days, I went to visit the Lloyd’s Register building… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Works of Art to See at the Tate Britain

The Tate Britain is the flagship of the Tate museum group and has been a fixture in British art since it opened in 1897.  Its collection is full of art from throughout the United Kingdom going back to the Tudor… Continue Reading →

Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to See and Do in Waltham Forest

One of the northernmost boroughs of Greater London, Waltham Forest formed in 1965 from the merger of Leyton, Walthamstow, and Chingford.  Like much of Greater London, the area that is now Waltham Forest was mostly undeveloped until the Victorian period,… Continue Reading →

The London Fiver – Five of the Best Sweet Shops To Visit On Your Next Trip (Don’t Tell Your Dentist!)

Besides the costumes, one of the top reasons to celebrate Halloween are the sweets that flow freely around the holiday.  London certainly has its share of candy shops, from stores selling classic treats to chefs with confectioneries of their own… Continue Reading →

The London Fiver – Five Things to Do in September

As we move fully into Autumn, London ramps up its events, with festivals, live art, concerts, plays, and more.  In the past, we’ve covered events such as the Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival, the Totally Thames Festival, and the… Continue Reading →

A Brief Guide to Swinging London – What Was It?

Yeah, baby!  London was a happening place in the 1960s where music, fashion, and counter-culture attitudes came together.  Whereas London culture since World War II had been more conservative, young people of 60s London rebelled in nearly every way possible,… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things to Do in Kensington

Perhaps one of the most (if not the most) affluent areas of London, Kensington is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.  As befitting its title, Kensington is home to some of the city’s most expensive real estate… Continue Reading →

Fun Graphic Explains the Linguistic Origins of All of London’s Boroughs

A Reddit user has made a lovely graphic that explains the origins of the names of all of London’s Borough. It’s very fascinating history! Which one is your favorite? Check it out for your self (click for a larger version):… Continue Reading →

Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to Do in Wandsworth

Wandsworth is one of the oldest parts of London.  The area’s first reference goes back to the Domesday Book when it was a large manor before the ever-encroaching city swallowed it up.  Following the Industrial Revolution, Wandsworth built itself up… Continue Reading →

Ten Foods and Drinks You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented in London

Most of the world doesn’t think of Britain as a food hub, much less London as a cuisine capital.  However, it might surprise you to know some of the world’s favorite foods, and indeed, some of the UK’s most well-known… Continue Reading →

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