Five Vintage Watch Hidden Gems

Calling Attention to Our Vintage Steals

In recent years, there’s been a noticeably increasing interest in vintage watches. From record-breaking auction sales of models owned by famous wearers to copious vintage-reissues, the enthusiasm for vintage watches is undeniable. Whether it’s the story and history behind these watches or the classic, time-tested designs, there’s something alluring about models past. These watches set the foundation for designs we see today, they established trends, and they’re important pieces of horological history.

As purveyors of pre-owned watches – many of which fall into the vintage category – this trend is particularly compelling. There’s nothing more fascinating than the heritage behind a vintage model. There’s also nothing more rewarding than connecting a vintage model with its next owner. It perpetuates the next chapter of its story. Maybe you’re curious about getting into the vintage watch market or looking to add another vintage model to your collection. Sometimes, the most interesting vintage models go unnoticed among the countless offerings in our catalog. So, we decided to round up five vintage hidden gems and the stories behind them.

Rolex Date 1500

Vintage Oyster Perpetual

Rolex first debuted their groundbreaking Oyster in 1926 as the first water resistant wristwatch. Today, the model is still a crucial part of their catalog. Over the years, it has seen a number of updates and modifications. One particularly popular iteration is the Reference 1500. The brand initially introduced this model in 1962. However, the watch in our inventory dates just over ten years later to about 1973. Its run for over a decade is a testament to the 1500’s timelessness and appeal. The model comes equipped with the brand’s Caliber 1570 chronometer certified automatic movement and a date function. It’s also interesting to note the 1500 has a Sigma dial. In addition, the patina on the lume looks great on both the hands and indices.

Heuer Pewter Lemania 1500 Chronograph

Vintage Heuer

The relationship between Heuer and Lemania is an interesting partnership that spurred in the 1980s. The 1500 series first launched in 1982 and replaced the previous Valjoux movement with the Lemania 5100 chronograph. The model in our inventory, 510.503, showcases a few unique features. The simple date function, as opposed to day-date, indicates it’s a first series model. Another unique attribute is the pewter design. The line offered three stylistic options: classic stainless steel, PVD, and pewter. The pewter variation creates a distinct monochromatic look that’s simply one-of-a-kind. The bright, contrasting orange chronograph hands pop against the pewter background and give the model a handsome, sporty style.

Longines Ultra-Chron 431

Vintage Longines

The Longines Ultra-Chron is an example of one of the earliest, mass-produced high-beat watches. The brand first released the model in 1967 to commemorate their 100th anniversary. In basic terms, a high-beat watch is one with a movement whose oscillating wheel is faster than the average watch. From a technical perspective, this results in higher precision. At the time of the Ultra-Chron’s debut, Longines asserted it was the world’s most accurate watch. However, as one might guess, the higher frequency also places more strain on the internal mechanisms. This means high-beat watches must be equipped with more durable parts and better lubricants to combat the added friction. Stylistically, the Ultra-Chron is the quintessential dress watch. Plus, with the high-beat movement, it has the added bonus of the visually appealing smooth second hand.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 1509

Vintage Patek

The Calatrava is Patek Philippe’s flagship model, first introduced in 1932. Similar to the Ultra-Chron, it’s a classic dress watch with a minimalist, no-frills, time-only design. The model in our catalog hails from a few decades after the initial Calatrava debuted. The Reference 1509 first launched in the 1940s, and our particular model dates to the 1950s. This reference is most notable for its distinctive teardrop lugs. However, its design also marks the transition to the 2500 series of the model in the 1950s. The 2500 references feature the unique “Disco Volante” or “flying saucer” case style. Here, the crown rests inside the outer circular portion that lines up with the raised bezel.

Breitling Top Time 824

Vintage breitling

Last but not least in our round up of vintage hidden gems in our inventory is the Breitling Top Time 824. The brand first released the Top Time in 1964 as an entry-level chronograph. However, the model soon gained celebrity status and widespread popularity. For instance, Sean Connery sported the watch in the James Bond film Thunderball a year after its debut in 1965. One of the most notable and desirable aspects of this particular reference is the iconic reverse panda dial. Breitling was the first to introduce this style on the SuperOcean in 1957. It quickly became a favorite for its one-of-a-kind look and practical, easy legibility.

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Mother’s Day – What to Put on Her Wrist

Celebrate Mom with the Perfect Timepiece for Her

It’s that time of year again. The day has come to honor the most deserving yet under-appreciated women in our lives: our moms. Mothers spend most of their lives putting everyone else’s needs before their own. Instead of buying something for herself, mom puts dinner on the table and gets her kids’ school supplies. Mom rarely treats herself to something new, especially something superfluous. That’s why she deserves to be spoiled on Mother’s Day.

A watch is a gift that’s equal parts practical and fun. It’s something mom can use and enjoy every day and even pass on to her kids down the road. However, a watch is also a surefire way to make mom feel special. What woman doesn’t love a new accessory to incorporate into her wardrobe? No matter your budget or your mom’s unique style, we can help you find the right watch for her. Here, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite models from our inventory. Each of these would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Rolex Yacht-Master

Mom doesn’t have to be a pro-sailor to appreciate the Rolex Yacht-Master. If she simply enjoys a day at the beach, she’ll adore the nautical aesthetic and functionality of this model. The Yacht-Master is a relatively new addition to the Rolex catalog, first debuting in 1992. Two years later, the brand added a ladies’ version to the collection. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that Rolex introduced the stainless steel and 18-karat yellow gold variation we see here. At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with a Rolex. The two-tone colorway is versatile enough to compliment other jewelry mom has in her collection. Though the Yacht-Master is somewhat sporty, it can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Patek Philippe Twenty-4

Striking, sophisticated, stylish – if these words describe your mom, she’ll love the Patek Philippe Twenty-4. When the brand first unveiled the collection in 1999, it was a remarkably unique addition to their catalog. The modern design is a bit of a departure from Patek Philippe’s typical, tradition aesthetic. However, the Twenty-4 quickly became the brand’s premier ladies’ line. The collection takes a contemporary approach to classic Art Deco principles with women leading active lifestyles in mind. The Twenty-4 was Patek Philippe’s first ladies’ model offered in stainless steel, giving it a subtle sporty touch. However, as we see with this model, the diamond accents give it an equally elegant and feminine appeal.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Gran Sport Reverso

Your mom is an icon, and she deserves a watch that’s equally iconic on her wrist. Enter the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. The model and the brand have become synonymous since the model debuted back in 1931. The Gran Sport Reverso is a newer take on the classic Reverso, launching just a couple of decades ago in 1998. Jaeger-LeCoultre first designed the original model for polo players who needed to protect their watches on the field. However, the initial design had a distinctly dressy appeal despite being purpose-built for sport. As the name suggests, the Gran Sport variation revives the sporty inspiration behind the collection. Still, the modest 28mm case is perfectly slim for mom’s wrist.

Cartier Roadster

Almost every woman knows the Cartier name and associates it with indulgence and luxury. However, mom doesn’t have to be ultra-girly to enjoy a Cartier timepiece. The Roadster is the perfect example of the brand’s range of offerings. Its design draws inspiration from the curves of the sport and race cars of the 1950’s. Though it’s a racing model, its tonneau-shaped case is distinctly softer than Cartier’s other square and rectangular models. Ultimately, the Roadster strives the perfect balance of sportiness and femininity, making it versatile enough for any mom.

Hublot Classic Fusion

For a mom who’s daring and bold, look no further than the Hublot Classic Fusion. The design draws inspiration from the brand’s iconic Big Bang. However, the Classic Fusion is a bit more refined, with a slimmer profile and a cleaner dial layout. Still, it incorporates a number of Hublot’s trademark elements, like the one-of-a-kind porthole-shaped case and pronounced hour markers. Despite its name, the Classic Fusion is quite modern. This variation features a unique matte black textured dial, which pops against the 18-karat rose gold bezel, hands, and indices. For a sporty touch, the model we see here is finished off with a black rubber strap.

Omega Speedmaster Date

Mom is an indispensable part of your family’s history. The same is true for the Speedmaster in the history of Omega. The model was the first watch to embark on the surface of the moon on the wrist of Buzz Aldrin. From that moment forward, it solidified Omega’s partnership with NASA and the space program, one that continues today. On top of its historical significance, the Speedmaster has an impeccably timeless design. It features a classic round case, clean lines, and overall sleek appearance that looks smart on the wrist. Mom is sure to appreciate this model for its heritage and its stylish charm.

TAG Heuer Monaco

Each mom is one-of-a-kind and worthy of a watch that’s just as special as she is. When TAG Heuer released the Monaco in 1969, it broke the mold. The model is a key part of the brand’s history in a couple respects. First, the racing watch is a symbol of TAG Heuer’s longstanding presence in the sport. In addition, the Monaco was the world’s first waterproof automatic chronograph with a square case. This particular iteration features a stunning 18-karat yellow gold construction paired with a warm, brown leather strap. If you’re looking for an alternative to a classic round watch for your mom, the Monaco is an excellent option.

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